We pay special attention to the little details, keeping the workspace and your home clean, inside and out.



We know how difficult it can be to have your home in a construction mess!  We focus on starting with a clean area and leaving it cleaner than it was.  Paint choice can keep some folks up at night.  We take the worry out of choosing, with color suggestions and expert advice from Jonathan and/or a Sherwin Williams color consultant.



This is where everyone knows you care about your home and your neighborhood.  We pay attention to all the fine details and work quickly to complete your project so you can enjoy those backyard bbq's and time on the front porch.


When it comes to Exterior WARRANTY, we offer some of the best in the business.


A-100 Paint:  2 YEAR Guarantee.  Great for when basic upkeep is wanted.

SuperPaint:  4 YEAR Guarantee.  Advanced formulation for outstanding coverage and durability.

Duration Paint:  6 YEAR Guarantee.  The highest quality of Sherwin Williams paint we offer.